Game Overview

Between creep wave levels, players may explore the peripherals of the Defend the Basement environment.  Beyond the illuminated pathway to your house there are many dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows.

These creatures, nicknamed ‘Neutral Bosses’, must be discovered and destroyed in order to receive extremely valuable gold and item rewards.  The rewards given will scale with the difficulty of the boss; the weakest boss will reward each player with 300 gold each, and the strongest will reward each player with as much as 1200 gold each.  The item rewards given by some of these bosses are extremely valuable, making them nearly essential to acquire in order to make the creep wave levels easier to defeat.

Killing a Neutral Boss is very similar to killing a Level Boss; it will require some degree of strategy and teamwork to overcome certain boss mechanics.  If you fail to defeat a Neutral Boss, the boss’ health will regenerate to full; but you can try again anytime.

If you die to a Neutral Boss (or for any other reason) while there is no creep wave level active, your hero will be immediately revived over the next 15 seconds.  If any of your teammate’s heroes die during your revival, the 15 second revival timer resets, and you will both wait 15 seconds from then to be revived.

The first Neutral Boss you must kill resides down a path to the East of the Tavern of the Gods.  This boss carries the Bloody Key, which is required to unlock the magical Force Wall; a barrier erected by the forces of evil to prevent you from escaping your impending doom…

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