Player 1 (or other master player) Commands:

  • -go [will start the current level]
  • -retry [only works during levels, will kill all current bad guys and allow you to try that level again, this command is disabled during certain boss phases]
  • -noob [this command may be entered after the intro tips, before starting level 1, in order to activate Beginner Mode which makes Level 1 easier and provides further tips and hints]
  • -easymode [gives you the option to activate less-mob-HP mode when you loose your fourth player, down to three players]

Any player may enter these commands:

  • -movespeed [shows your hero's movespeed]
  • -ms [same as above]
  • -far (integer) [sets the camera distance to the integer value entered, limited to min 500, max 4000  (eg: -far 2750)]
  • -reset [resets your camera angle of attack, rotation, and zoom to default]
  • -cam [disables or enables the arrow key camera adjustment system]
  • -dmgtext [disables or enables the floating damage text]
  • -goldtext [disables or enables the floating gold text]
  • -bonus [displays the gold reward for completing the current level]
  • All players may use the arrow keys to rotate their camera! However, the innate WC3 panning takes a moment to lock down, so if you really like adjusting your camera on the fly, try turning your keyboard panning speed all the way down in your game options menu for the best results.

Thanks for the support!