An epic 3-5 player Hero Defense mod!

Welcome to the Official Defend the Basement Website!

Defend the Basement is a Hero Defense custom game mod for Warcraft III, created using Blizzard’s Warcraft III World Editor and the JASS scripting language, with the help of a variety of third party editing tools.

A Hero Defense is a type of game in which the players work together cooperatively as a team to stop waves of enemy attackers from destroying a home base.  Each player has control of a single character chosen from a handful of heroes, each with a variety of special abilities and different play styles.

A general overview of Defend the Basement:

  • Three to Five Player Cooperative Play
  • Hero Defense type Game Play with Activated Creep Wave Levels
  • 100% Teamwork Dependent
  • Multitude of Innovative Spells and Items
  • Challenging and Dynamic Game Play
  • Epic Boss Fights

Defend the Basement is a strategy oriented game that tests the cooperation and teamwork skills of the players.  Throughout the game, you will earn Gold to spend on stat boosting foods and various items, and you will have to decide on which of your hero’s abilities to obtain and skill up; all of these factors having significant impact on your hero’s effectiveness and play style.  The hero composition of your team will also have a significant impact on the play style and the strategies required to stop the Bad Guys from destroying your humble home in the woods.

Aside from the activated creep wave levels, players may also explore the peripherals of the Defend the Basement environment.  Beyond the safety of the illuminated path to your home, many dangerous creatures are lurking in the shadows that players may choose to engage for further Gold and Item rewards.

Thanks for the support!