In order to play Defend the Basement, you will need a fully updated installation of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.  To make sure you have the most up to date version, open the Frozen Throne and click the button in the Main Menu of the game.  This will automatically download any necessary updates to play the game.

The Map File

Download a zip file containing the latest version of the map file (a single file with extension .w3x).  Then you must extract the map file and place it into your Warcraft III: Frozen Throne installation folder, under sub-directory C:\…\Warcraft III\Maps\Download.  The map may then be accessed in a single player custom game, via a local area network game, or via a custom game.
You can now find an alpha release of DtB v1.1 on the forum!

The Stat Spreadsheet

Contains detailed information about hero attributes, scaling values, abilities, items, and more.

Widescreen Warcraft III

A tool to quickly and easily change your Warcraft III in-game resolution to match your native Windows resolution.

Thanks for the support!