Version 1.1 (Pre-Release Info)

  • Addition of Save/Load System.  Includes two new commands ( -save // -load [] )
    A save code is generated for the players after completion of levels 5, 10, and 15.  This code may be entered in a new game (prior to picking any heroes, or starting level 1) and the game will load the following:
    +earned gold (less mob kill gold)
    +your group’s heroes
    +acquired item drops (less random chance drops)
    +the neutral bosses you killed (and their items)
    The loaded parameters will be from the point when your save code was generated.
    Each player can choose a hero from the pool your group was using, allowing you to swap heroes.  You can then also reallocate your skill points from scratch, and repurchase all of your stat boosting foods and item upgrades.
    Note: Important parameters that are not saved include difficulty mode, number of retries, and CGPL Bonus.  These things will be reset/reselected in the new game.
    Load a game by typing “-load XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX“  [green text represents your 15 digit save code]  …only the master player can load a game (prior to picking any heroes, or starting level 1).
    Display your save code by typing “-save”
  • -tips command added.  Removed the introductory tips and placed them into the -tips command. Also reduced the level timer to 60 seconds at game start.
  • Corrected some typos
  • Now if you pick a hero after completing one or more levels, your hero’s level will be increased accordingly.
  • Many Tooltips reworked.
  • Neutral bosses will be slightly more challenging in 5 player difficulty mode.

Thanks for the support!