Game Overview

After you choose your heroes, player 1 has the responsibility of beginning the first level. When player 1 types -go, level 1 begins and bad guys run down the lane toward you and you have to kill them or they’ll destroy your house.  There is no time restriction in Defend the Basement; you may take as long as you want to prepare before initializing the first level.

Remember, the heroes have the responsibility of taking all incoming damage to protect Jon’s basement at all costs. Nearly every creature that runs down the lane will also try to kill the defenders on the way. So, as you prepare for defense, keep in mind your formation and positioning and your important individual roll in the group.

Each proceeding level of Defend the Basement is started in the same fashion; take up a defensive position somewhere down the path to Jon’s house, and your master player may type -go to initialize the creep wave level.  Be sure to take quick notice of the brief tips provided at the beginning of each level if you don’t already know what to expect from the upcoming level!

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