Added all the old graphics to the library.  Used well formatted name scheme:…

DTBgraphic_().png – website graphics
Hero_().png – hero header graphics

Ability and Hero Portrait icons are named differently:

And lastly, the favicon is:

Recommended to use the URL method of adding images to website content.  Also note, WP uses a 2 MB file upload limit, but since I payed freehostia for my services, I can add up to 20 MB files now through my file manager.

I will now be working on constructing page content by adding ‘Pages’.  I won’t be messing with the site structure, layout, or theme in any way until further notice, feel free to play around with it.  If you feel like making a new banner that fits a new theme you want to use, feel free, and also ask if you want any in-game screenshot type media – such as the original image from the old banner.

————————————————- 12/17/2010 ~ Ben

Download files are going to be located here:

Hero pages are pretty much all done except Matthew and Jonathan.  Cory, Lexi, and Patrick have had hero changes since I saved their templates, so they need updating.  Also, Cory’s page doesn’t have the font colors on it yet.

———————————————-12/19/2010 ~ Ben

Game Overview section has undergone a significant amount of work.  The website content is nearly complete.

I think I want to try a different theme, or at least a modified color scheme of the current theme with a banner instead of the plain text up at the top.  Aiming for more WC3 type colors at least, or something similar to the old color scheme (black background with white text, or a something high contrast like that).

I will add in the two missing hero pages, and work in the changes needed to fix Cory, Lexi, and Patrick.

I think the Mechanics page might need some work still.  Changelog page doesn’t exist yet.  A place for links and downloads might be nice too.  Not sure about that yet.

[edit] Also haven’t uploaded any screenshots yet.  I will do that now.

————————————————12/20/2010 ~ Ben

New theme scheme looks great IMO.  The only thing I want to change is the main banner at the top – if possible, I think it would be cool to put a graphic header/graphic text up there.  Not completely necessary though…

Other things to remember to do later:
-Changelog Page
-Downloads/Archive Page
-Contact Information Page
-A link to the Forum on the Hive

—————————-12/22/2010 ~ Ben

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