Considered one of the most powerful druids in the world, the Druid in Spirit knows many powerful healing techniques, and has the ability to change forms, providing the most appropriate need at the time.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Primary Roles: Hybrid Healer, Support, and DPS
Attack Range: 550
Learns: Moonfire, Rejuvenation, Moonkin Form, and Tree of Life.
Racial Ability: Wild Growth [Tree form only], Hurricane and Entangling Roots [Moonkin Form only]
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Special Abilities

Moonfire [Hotkey = Q]
Calls a beam of moonlight down to damage your enemy with an initial pulse of damage, followed by a flurry of falling stars over the following 12 seconds dealing damage based on your total stats (one star will fall every 2 seconds for 6 total stars).
Instant Damage to Target: 100/150/300/400/550
Total Star Flurry Damage: [3/6/9/12/15] x [Sum of all Stats]
Chance to Crit: [ Intelligence ] %
Cooldown: 2 s.
Mana Cost: 75/110/150/200/250

Rejuvenation [Hotkey = W]
A stackable healing effect that restores lost hitpoints over a period of time.
Total Amount Healed: [4/5/6/7/8] x [Sum of All Stats]
Duration: 15 s.
Cooldown: 1 s.
Mana Cost: 40/60/90/120/160

Moonkin Form [Hotkey = E]
Transforms the Druid into a Moonkin, gaining a splashing attack, bonus damage, and the abilities Entangling Roots and Hurricane. Also while in Moonkin Form, damage done by your Moonfire ability is increased by 50%.
Bonus Attack Damage while in Moonkin Form: 15/30/45/70/100
Splash Attack Full Damage AOE: 50
Splash Attack 60% Damage AOE: 150
Splash Attack 20% Damage AOE: 200
Cooldown: 35 s.
Mana Cost: 100/150/200/250/300
You must drop form to gain your next rank of abilities!
While in Moonkin Form, you will also gain the spells: Hurricane and Entangling Roots (details below)

Tree of Life [Hotkey = R]
Turns you into the Tree of Life, which has a weak attack, but passive health regeneration, increased casting speed, and increased mana regeneration. While in Tree of Life form, you also gain the ability Wild Growth, which is a healing spell that is cast on your entire party when activated.  Also while in Tree Form, healing done by your Rejuvenation ability is increased by 50%.
Bonus Health Regeneration in Tree of Life: + 4/6/10 HP/s.
Bonus Mana Regeneration in Tree of Life: + 25%
Cast Time Reduction: – 0.22/0.44/0.66 s. (Note: The Druid has a base cast time of 0.67 s.)
Tree of Life attack range: Melee
Tree of Life base damage: 0
Cooldown: 35 s.
Mana Cost: 50/100/150
You must drop form to gain your next rank of abilities!
While in Tree Form you will also gain the spell: Wild Growth (details below)

Wild Growth [Hotkey = T] (Available while in Tree of Life form)
Applies an improved Rejuvenation to each party member, healing lost hit points over a period of time.
Amount Healed: 200/450/700 + [(Current Rejuvenation Healing)]  (note, additional rejuvenation healing includes the Tree of Life bonus)
Duration: 10 s.
Cooldown: 35 s.
Mana Cost: 200

Entangling Roots [Hotkey = F] (Available while in Moonkin Form)
Causes roots to burst from the ground, immobilizing a target enemy unit for 5 seconds, and dealing 20 damage per second.
Cooldown: 120 s.
Mana Cost: 50

Hurricane [Hotkey = T] (Available while in Moonkin Form)
Summons a hurricane to slow your enemies and damage them over time.
Damage per Second: 10/15/25/35/45
Damage Area of Effect: 200/250/350/450/450
Enemy Movement Speed Reduction: 20/25/30/35/35 %
Enemy Attack Speed Reduction: 0/0/0/10/25 %
Speed Reduction Area of Effect: 600
Hurricane Duration: 15 s.
Hurricane Cooldown: 45 s.
Mana Cost: 125/150/175/200/225

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