A bastard child of a warlock and a wizard, adept at ranged damaging spells. Can summon her only companion, Pinky the Unicorn, to her aid in battle. Also has a magical shield that protects her from enemy spells.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Primary Roles: AOE DPS and Crowd Control
Attack Range: 600
Learns: Incinerate!, Infernal Guardian, Disintegrate!, and Pyromania.
Racial Ability: Ghastly Shield
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Special Abilities

Incinerate! [Hotkey = Q]
A wave of fire ripples out from the Dark Child, causing damage to land units in a line.
Damage to Targets hit: [3.5/6/8.5/12/15.5] x (Intellect)
Max Range: 1100
AOE Width (radius): 300
Cooldown: 8 s.
Mana Cost: 140/175/215/275/350

Infernal Guardian [Hotkey = W]
Calls down the spirit of your long lost stuffed unicorn to aid you in combat. The unicorn will follow you around, attack your target with a bashing auto-attack, and cast duplicates of your spells that deal half damage.
Unicorn Auto-Attack Damage: 65/75/85/95/105
Auto-Attack Stun Duration: 0.2 s.
Auto-Attack Cooldown:
2 s.
Cooldown: 40 s.
Summon Duration: 10/15/20/25/30 s.
Mana Cost: 100/175/250/350/450
Unicorn spells deal 50% of the damage your spells deal. The unicorn will cast a duplicate Disintegrate! or a duplicate Incinerate! at the same target each time you cast those spells.

Disintegrate! [Hotkey = E]
Deals instant damage to a targeted enemy unit.
Damage: [3/5/7/10/15 x (Intelligence)]
Cast Range: 800/900/1000/1100/1200
Cooldown: 6/5/4/3/2 s.
Chance to Crit: [ 15 + (Intelligence)/2 ] %
Mana Cost: 75/90/105/120/135

Pyromania [Hotkey = R]
Gives additional mana regeneration to nearby friendly units and gives all of the Dark Child’s spells a chance to stun for 2.5 seconds and deal an aditional 100 damage to the stunned unit. Your AOE spells stun chance is calculated on each target in the AOE.
Mana Regeneration: +2/4/6 mana per second
Stun chance using an AOE ability: 14/25/33 %
Stun chance using Disintegrate!: 20/33/50 %
Passive Ability

Ghastly Shield [Hotkey = T] (Racial Ability)
Prevents up to 1000 magical damage to the Dark Child.
Duration: 15 s.
Cooldown: 30 s.

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